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Find lasting relief from chronic pain with acupuncture

If you suffer from chronic pain in Chicago, IL, acupuncture can help!

Don’t get fooled into dulling the senses with Pain Killers or local numbing injections. That’s like taking  batteries out of the Smoke Detector. You need that Body/Brain Circuit for Rapid Recovery and  Restoration, using the Neoplastic Principles of A.I.R., “Attention, Intention, Rehearsal”.

Contact us in Chicago, IL to learn more about how we can help your chronic pain:

At Millennium Medicine we identify Oriental Medicine Causes using Tongue & Pulse and Looking, Listening, Palpating and Asking to identify the Cause (Root) to treat the Symptoms (Branches). The way it has been done effectively, and tracked over the last 3 millennium.

Getting stupid with Pain Killers can slow recovery by inhibiting the Neuroplastic Reflex. We use Master Points to recruit a proximal part of the brain to restore function. Fast. Using the principle of “What fires together wires together”. Since software runs hardware, this approach acts like a software patch to restore operation.

Millennium Medicine uses Microsystems of the Ear, Hand, Scalp and Abdomen (Sacred Turtle), and the Tong Distal Points, away from the “Owie Area”. A more benign approach than “Dry Needling” or “Trigger Point Therapy”, which adds more pain to where you already hurt. What’s the point, when you can restore function and reduce pain, guided by HRV real time feedback and Neuroplastic Mechanics to optimize outcomes. Saving you time money by blending High Tech with High Touch.

Of all the afflictions acupuncture can treat,
it is most well known for treating pain.


It’s a natural treatment for Chronic Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses completely natural treatment methods that leverage ancient herbal remedies and your body’s innate healing processes rather than synthetic medications. We help you get back to optimal health without drugs or harmful side effects.


We treat chronic pain by accessing your body’s natural healing processes

Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins – our body’s natural painkillers. The stimulation also releases other chemicals that either change how the body experiences pain or triggers the release of other chemicals that activate the body’s internal regulating system. This process has a normalizing effect on nerves and hormones. By bringing the body into better biochemical balance, acupuncture promotes physical and emotional well-being and supports the body’s natural healing abilities.


We address the root causes of your chronic pain using acupuncture

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine address the root causes of your stress rather than just masking your symptoms. We develop treatment plans that are unique to each patient because each patient comes in with a unique body, health history and root cause or causes behind their anxiety.

Acupuncture effectively reduces chronic pain in the body including:


Yes, it is very safe. Acupuncturists use individually wrapped, single-use, sterile needles for each treatment.

Acupuncture can cause minor bruising and tenderness around where the needles are inserted. This bruising will go away within a couple of days after your treatment.

​This depends on the severity of the pain and how long it has been an issue. Chronic pain tends to take longer to resolve than acute pain. We will help determine the duration of time it will take for you to see significant changes in your health. We can work together to develop an acupuncture treatment plan that’s manageable for you.

Our acupuncture clinic is located in Chicago, IL. We are licensed acupuncturists with experience treating the root cause(s) of your chronic pain. Schedule an appointment below.

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